After your wedding, the next (and probably only) thing you get to register for is your first baby!
So I had planned on hitting up the stores with the scanner gun in hand, but my plan was derailed...

A colleague and about to be first time parent recommended this book:

(You can buy it on Amazon HERE)

The colleague said that everyone at the store trying to register had this book in one hand and the scanner in the other, trying to find the things that the book recommended.

I told Mike that his job was to read this book and tell me what we should get! He is the money man in the house (as in, he likes to SAVE money). So the very first thing he says is "The book says you shouldn't register in the store, doing it online is much better". OK, so this is his first job as a new dad and he actually DID it, so I can't just ignore his advice. I decide I will try out registering online.

I didn't want too many registries, but I LOVE Amazon so I had to register there; and I knew that I need a "brick and mortar" store as well, so I went with the standard... I got on Babies R Us (BRU) website and started searching for the items that BABY Bargains recommended. Well, half aren't offered at BRU, they only carry specific brands. So I went back and forth between Amazon and BRU websites searching for the Bargains/best value/highest rated items.

So they try to help you with a "Registry Checklist". OK, this thing is beyond overwhelming. At least when you registered for your wedding you were familiar with plates, blankets, glasses- baby stuff is all new. Yes, I have revised my registries about 20 times. I add things then debate if we really need them, and take them off.

And its confusing because all your mom friends and family are giving you advice, but since everyone's baby is different, sometimes the advise conflicts, and having no experience as a mom- I was left even more confused sometimes.

Here are just a few examples for you:

  • Rocker/Glider: "I never used one" vs. "You HAVE to have one"
  • Bottles: "Dr Browns are a pain to clean, you'll have them" vs. "I would never use anything besides Dr Browns"
  • Breast Pump: "You have to register for a breast pump" vs. "You should wait to get a breast pump until the nurses in the hospital can help you select one, plus they are now covered by insurance"
  • Co Sleeper: "I don't think my baby would ever sleep in that" vs. "They are excellent!" 

Just to clarify, I did appreciate all the advice- it is truly priceless, it just took a while to process it all and determine (guess) which would be best for us and our baby.

I know we can't plan for every situation and we'll be doing runs to the store and making some online purchases probably the first week we bring baby home; but I think we are off to a great start!

(Oh, and I did eventually visit BRU store, alone. It was huge and there were SO MANY choices, I started freaking out and bought a onesie and then sat in my car and took a few deep breaths. I think Mike (and the book) were right about registering online.)

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  1. Baby gear! It's getting real now ;) We definitely bought stuff the first week. And actually, I think a breastpump and co-sleeper were two of the first things. We barely used the co-sleeper -- some things are hits, some might be misses. It's all part of the experience! We had that book too :)



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