A Few of My Favorite Things!

A Few of My Favorite Things! 

Here are a few things that have made life happier, easier and more pleasant during pregnancy:

Trader Joe's MINI Brie Bites
100% pasteurized and 100% delicious

Frozen Broccoli
So easy to throw in the microwave anytime and get your veggies!

Craisins & Raisins
Just leave them in your purse and they are an easy snack anytime you are stuck somewhere without food (or without food that you are able to eat)

Blue Diamond dark chocolate Almonds
I keep a little Rubbermaid container of these in my purse AT ALL TIMES. They have gotten me through numberous too-long meetings and road trips. 

VitaFusion FiberWell Gummies
Get your much needed pregnancy fiber using these delicious bites.

Christian Dior Nail Glow
I am a clear-only nailpolish person and my nails have been growing like crazy lately, this keeps them looking beautiful when I can't help but keep them longer than usual.

Pea In the Pod Bra Extenders
These are the best thing in the world. Enough Said.

Naturalizer & Zappos
Thanks to these two companies I have not had to go to a shoe store and can try on comfortable shoes in the comfort of my own home, with free shipping and returns. I love these guys.

Memory Foam Mattress
We purchased a memory foam mattress from Macy*s right after I got pregnant and I love this thing so much. It makes side sleeping feel great and the only times I wake up is because my bladder is full not because I'm uncomfortable. Sleep is key! The people at Macy*s are very patient and great to work with. (Side Note: If they ask if you want "low profile", measure your current mattress first! We said no at first and ended up with a super tall bed that we had to jump up into- they happily exchanged the box spring for a compact box spring).

I have to wear men's shoes because my feet are wide, but I don't care. Walking has kept me sane and even when I am sure I don't want to do it, I end up feeling better. I love walking as long as it's not too hot!

Being Near the Water
I get cold very easily, but also get hot even more easily. I am part reptile. It has been wonderful to be able to enjoy swimming and dips in the water throughout my pregnancy. This has been a great summer!

That's the list for now- I am sure that later in pregnancy I will have new favorite things- I'll keep you all posted!

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  1. Just saw that you are having a girl! Eeeee, that's so special! I love all your posts. Two fun random things I thought I'd note. 1.) I bought so many expensive lipsticks during my pregnancy. I'd say "the bigger my belly gets, the redder my lips get." 2.) By accident I bought chocolate coconut water (Zico brand) and it is amazingly delicious if you need a sort of healthy + chocolate pick-me-up. xox



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