22 Weeks

Baby Girl is the Size of a Spaghetti Squash

She is typically awake and moving around every night between 11:00-11:30pm. It's so hard to fall asleep until after she does! I can now feel and SEE her moving from the outside. Mike got to feel it for the first time on Saturday night. The kicks or punches are still pretty gentle, I will keep you all updated on how they change!

She is 8 inches (that is still crown to rump measurement- so it doesn't include the length of her legs) and I am told that she looks like a mini version of a newborn baby, all the proportions are there- she is just putting on weight. We are past the one pound mark now, so she'll multiply 6-8 times in size over the next 18 weeks.

We all had a great time in NJ this weekend at my family reunion- it was my grandma's (dad's mom's) family. It was very fun to see everyone and look through old pictures of my dad and his siblings as little babies and kids. My dad looked just like my sister's oldest daughter.

We even took a little detour on the way home and stopped in Gettysburg!

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