21 Weeks

Baby Girl is the size of a Banana

I am over the hump and the countdown just gets shorter from here.
In about 4 months we will have a child, living with us. I have a feeling its easier to take care of her now then it will be then. I can feed her anytime she wants, she is always with me, and she is pretty easy to carry around. We've been walking, kayaking, swimming, and canoeing together. We look forward to bringing her to the lake next summer and dipping her little toes in the water!

So far I've gained 9.5 pounds, and that is just under average, which makes me very happy! The baby girl has been moving around with much more force it feels as she is getting quite big and heavy... well in baby terms. She is now 1 POUND and 8 inches:

(its hard to see but that's 8 inches on the measuring tape)

We've starting doing some nursery planning and other fun stuff. I have been able to sleep OK and still have been able to keep away most of the nasty side affects of pregnancy (except occasional heartburn), so I feel lucky every day for this.

And here's the weekly bump shot!

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