Pregnant women says

Pregnant woman says:

-Can I put you on hold? I have to go to the bathroom.
-Would you massage my legs?
-I'm tired.
-I've ONLY gained 8 pounds!
-My digestive system is still working great!
-I walked for a whole twenty minutes!
-I'm having soup and marshmallows for dinner, would you like some too?
-Get me some rice!
-Maybe we should just get an Escalade or a panel van, that would surely fit all the baby stuff.
-Does that have caffeine in it?
-Is this cheese pasteurized?
-Yes I'd like my burger well-done.
-I'm going to take a nap during lunch.
-Can I just lay down here for a minute?
-Well technically those are my intestines that you are touching, but yes you can rub my belly.
-It's a girl!

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