May - it just may be my favorite month!

May is my birthday month and now adding Mother's Day, it is just an awesome time of year for me. Not to mention the weather is starting to warm up and the flowers are blooming !

I was overwhelmed with the amount of LOVE I got this year for both these occasions. Check out the adorable baby/mommy-to-be cards I got:
(I think my favorite is the "bootie call!" card from my Aunt Kathy, it is hilarious AND adorable)

I also got some pretty amazing gifts for my birthday to get me ready to be a mom....

Motherhood Maternity and BABIES R US Gift Cards
The Motherhood Maternity card was gone within hours,
and I am too scared of opening the "flood gates"
of baby shopping to spend the BRU one yet, but
it will certainly be easily spent as we are newbies
and still need PLENTY of baby supplies!

Adjustable Sleep Pant (from A Pea in the Pod)
These are the best thing that could ever touch
your body while you are pregnant (maybe
except the epidural, but that comes later).
These are THE BEST!

I can take care of my growing belly: 
My mom sent this little kit that contains
Body Butter, Hand to Toe Wash,
Happy Spray, Stretch Oil (already used that!)
and Wellness Tea.

I can photograph my new baby: 
Everyone knows that love being an
amateur photographer and I find
children so fun to photograp. I can't
 imagine how much fun I'll have
photographing my OWN child.


I can bake cupcakes for my child to take to school:
Somehow I made it through two bridal showers
and a wedding without getting a single cupcake pan.
Now I can make cupcakes, carry them in my
carrying case and decorate them like a Pro!

And document the whole thing in my Moleskin Baby Journal!

T H A N K    Y O U   to all my friends and family
for making this the best year!  

And thank you to my thoughtful husband for giving me the gift of forgetting I am pregnant for one night while we spend an evening in Baltimore watching Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z get their Suit & Tie on !!!
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