It's a GIRL!

The three doctors/techs spent an hour and a half poking around and using every ultrasound technique to measure all the various parts and pieces. Baby did not want to show her face, but she DID show her other parts and they had no doubt that it was a girl. 


Here is a profile picture (baby is approximately 7.5 inches long, her head is down low and her legs are stick up):

Here is a 3D one of her stretching with her arms and legs straight out (similar to how Waldo prefers to sleep, there are totally siblings!):

Here is the "ITS A GIRL" shot! They checked every which angle and she is definitely a girl!

This is when she was all curled up with her hands in front of her face. 

Here is the heartbeat: 168 beats per minute - perfect!

They checked all of her body parts - stomach, heart, kidneys, bladder, legs, arms, feet, hands, nose, eyes- and those are the only ones that I can remember. They take their head circumference and the bone measurements to come up with the estimated gestational age, she is currently estimated at 19 weeks and 5 days with a due date of Nov 13th. 

As for me, my weight is slowing increasing, and I'm staying well within the normal range. I'm currently at a total gain of 8.2 pounds:

I feel pretty good overall and I'm ready to start feeling more of those kicks and punches that I saw on the ultrasound today!

We do not have a name picked out, and most likely will not announce the name until the birth so for now it is a surprise!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hi baby girl!! We can't wait to meet you <3



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