Design Inspiration- Baby Girl's Room

I've been thinking about the nursery design- boy or girl- since the day I found out I was pregnant (and maybe before then too!). I knew I wanted something fun and colorful, but peaceful and calming- something that our child would not outgrow in a year. Also I wanted to throw a little of our own design style into the mix so that one room doesn't look out of place with the rest of the house and isn't overly girly so both Mike and I (and Waldo) can enjoy being in there.

So for our baby girl, I've spent hours on Pinterest gathering up all sorts of photos of rooms, places, flowers, paintings- all items that represent my vision, you can see my Pinterest inspiration page here:

But this one painting seems to sum it up - it is simple, beautiful, and allows me to mix and match patterns, fabrics and products from a variety of vendors and keep things light and playful.

My inspiration is this abstract art painting by Jen Ramos:
Featured here:

Her paintings are only available for sale once a month, and I'm not sure that I would want that specific painting; its just that the color combination is so genius and just makes me feel happy inside.

I've joined the mailing list to see if a painting does come up that I am interested in, or I may just try to make something similar myself (we'll see how THAT turns out).

Well, there it is. I hope that our baby girl loves it as much as I do!

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