Are You Pregnant?

I had my first pregnancy "guess" today!

I was at a project site meeting this morning and we were  sitting around a huge conference table. The guy sitting next to me writes "November 26" on a piece of paper and hands it to me. I turn and say "what's this?", he says "nevermind".

Once the meeting was over he akwardly walked over to me and said "About that date, well this is presumptuous and very personal but ummmm...". I could tell he was sufferring with embarassment so I said "Yes I am pregnant" and patted my belly. Finally, he was able to speak coherently - "So when's the due date- is it November?". Me- "Yes! Novemeber 15th, and you are the first person to guess!"

Although this was someone akward it was exciting for me as the first time someone could TELL I was pregnant, and felt sure enough to actually say something. I've gotten a few glances here and there around the office, but this was huge (like my belly is getting).

It probably helps that after my last shopping trip I have a nice wardrobe of bump-accentuating clothes!

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