Vacation Recap

We had been planning our vacation since around Christmastime when Mike found out that he was going to California this July. Hawaii, every Caribbean island, cruises, LA, Oregon were all places that we considered. It was a definite possibility that I would be pregnant by the time we went on vacation so cruises were out, and we figured if we were having a baby soon we probably shouldn't spend too much money (Hawaii was out), or go somewhere with too much stress (LA was out).

Mike loves Hyatt  hotels so we tried to plan around a few nights at a Hyatt resort. We looked at (it feels like) every single Hyatt in the world. We had looked at the Hyatt Coconut Point a few years back when we were considering taking a mini-moon. A quick TripAdvisor review and enough points to get us 4 free nights and we were sold... a Florida vacation it is!

Well 4 nights isn't enough so I looked and looked for another place to stay while we were in the area (SW Florida) and found La Playa. I checked all their rates and kept an eye out for a deal and found the cheapest (hahaha) price I could get for 2 nights there. So our vacation was set- six nights in Florida, all relaxing, barely any driving, lots of beach and pool time!

Our first stop was at La Playa, where we had a beautiful room-  

With an oceanfront view (totally worth it)-

and colorful sunsets-

The rest of the trip was spent at the Hyatt Coconut Point, a much bigger "resort" type hotel. 

We tried out two different rooms and decided to upgrade to the water view room (again, totally worth it!)

The hotel wasn't on the beach, but on an estuary with a boat that takes you to a private island-

This pregnant woman enjoyed every second of it- It was the perfect Pre-baby vacation!

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