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It's just not as easy as those Teen Moms make it seem, especially when you are in your 30's or 40's. 
Here's my advice for getting pregnant, I know everyone is different, but this came from a  few recommendations from my sister, lots of reading on the internet, and books (see below) that I ordered from Amazon.
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So, for my married friends who have not yet dove head first into the world of parenthood, whenever you are ready, here's what I recommend-

Read "An Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant" by Jean M. Twenge. It is the best no-nonsense book for impatient people, and she gives very good practical advice on interpreting your Clearblue easy monitor. I am definitely an impatient woman and she made me feel totally sane for being obsessed with my ovulation dates. I am confident that this book played a large role in getting pregnant in 2013 in less than 5 months. 

Purchase and use the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor (CEFM), it makes things so much easier. I was lucky to receive this free from my sister (they don't recommend sharing the monitor but I ignored that warning). This was also a large part in determining those exact ideal dates for conception. It seems expensive but when you are seeing those two lines the cost seems minimal. 

Order some of these cheap WONDFO ovulation predictor kits (OPK). Also buy a huge pack of their pregnancy tests. I recommend this awesome combo pack. These are the kinds that the doctors office use and require a little cup to dip them into but for the obsessive testers this can save you tons of money. I did get a positive using this test the same day that I received a positive on the First Response tests. 

Don't buy pregnancy tests with blue lines, they are terrible and have strong reputation for false positives. Stick with First Response with the two pink lines, they are the most reliable. Digitals are good too but it takes longer to get a positive result. The digital tests wait until they reach a certain threshold to give you that "Positive" read. With the pink ones you can hold them up to a window or a bright light like a crazy person and try to find that second pink line. 

You are going to test too early, and it's going to be negative, and you are going to be really disappointed. You have to either get used to having false negatives, or learn to wait. I just got used to the negatives because I couldn't wait (and good thing too because I got my positive result fairly early, right at the earliest day that First Response will guarantee a result).

Check out the website-  An amazing place with all sorts of statistics and thousands of photos of other people's ovulation and pregnancy tests that you can vote on whether you think they look positive or negative. You can post your own and have people vote too! This is for all you early testers. 

Download the Fertility Friend App, try out the premium features, you are going to want to keep these. It is worth the $20-30 it costs for a few months subscription to have the detailed analysis that tells you exactly what is going on with your body.

You are going to tell someone you are "trying"! And when they say "Don't try TOO hard", or "Don't worry it will happen", or "Don't forget it takes most healthy couples 6 months to conceive"- know that they mean well, but those things usually don't make you feel better. Just ignore the advice and know that any good book will say that you cannot try too hard and until they go through it- they don't realize how long 6 months, heck even 2 months, seems when you are going through this!

You will start hearing stories of people that it "happened on the first try", or "was just a happy accident"! You may become slightly annoyed with these people.

There are tons of vitamins and supplements out there that supposedly help with fertility. I started taking Vitafusion Gummy Prenatal Vitamins from the first day we even thought about trying to get pregnant. Then I started adding in more of the other supplements - B6, Evening Primrose Oil, Acidophilus. I drank tons of grapefruit juice (supposedly that helps), and for the most part I stopped drinking (except for special occasions).

Go see your doctor- get up to date on all of your immunizations, tell them you want to get pregnant. They can give you proper medical advice (my advice here is just what worked for me, it is not medical advice).

Go see your dentist- you want to get any dental work out of the way before you are pregnant.

Other Books to Read:
Taking Charge of Your Fertility
by Toni Wechsler.
by Michael C. Lu.
by Amy Ogle.

Movies to watch:
Knocked Up
What to Expect
Look Who's Talking
Father of the Bride, Part Two
The Baby Makers
Friends with Kids

Movies to avoid:
Sliding Doors
Battle in Seattle
The Time Travelers Wife

Note: I purposely wrote this all down before I found out that I was pregnant so that I could accurately capture the frustration of the process. I already have a much more optimistic view on the whole situation.

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  1. I keep trying to comment but this thing won't let me! I will try one more time -- Thanks for the helpful info! ;-) Hope it will come in handy someday soon!!!

  2. Well Kristi I got all those books and the test strips. Thanks for the info!



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