12 Weeks

The Baby is the Size of a Large Plum

Wow, 12 weeks!
We have been happily spreading the news as we see people, but it's still not "public information". I definitely feel a change inside of me, I know things are shifting around inside there. My uterus is moving up and the baby is getting huge. It is now measuring around 2 and a half inches crown to rump, and weighing an ounce. Now it will happily continue to grow for the next 32 weeks.

I am still "sort of" wearing regular clothes, using the BellaBand to keep my old jeans up and wearing sweatpants to sleep. We are going on vacation in two weeks so I just ordered some stuff from Old Navy and Gap.

Today was a big day because I heard the baby's heartbeat! We have had several ultrasounds, but haven't heard the heartbeat yet. My sister gave me an at home machine to listen for it, and on a very full bladder I heard the quick thumping of our little baby's heart beating. Magical.

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