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The Happiness Project
I have been reading What to Expect, FitPregnancy magazines and daily email updates from BabyCenter dot com... babies babies babies, oh my! I was just thinking I could use something "fun" (and non-baby related) to read when my (psychic) friend Heather gave me an early birthday gift, The Happiness Project.
I read about half of the book in the past week, and little bits of advice and information are definitely sticking with me. My favorites so far are "what's fun for other people might not be fun for you" and getting more sleep can make you happier- I can do that!
I'm trying to convince Mike to read this once I am done as I think that this book would be great for both women and men. This is my BIG THANK YOU to Heather for being a great friend and always working hard at our friendship, including buying me this awesome book!

To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First

Everything I've read so far says that having a new baby in your house turns everything upsidedown. Having a happy marriage is extremely important to me, so I've already starting trying to prepare myself (as much as possible). I know there are a million things that I can't anticipate, but it can't hurt to get a little advice here and there.

How to Have Your Second Child First
To keep me grounded, I thought I needed this book. I know that I tend to go a little overboard with reading and books and research so this seemed like the perfect "don't go overboard" book (is that ironic, or contradictory?) - whatever. I like the tips from second time parents and the format is very easy to read, it even has built in book marks.
They have already convinced me that I don't need a wipe warmer and that I will be able to shower once the little one arrives. Something awesome they recommended was to have happy hours at home while the baby sleeps and have friends stop by if you can't make it out. Sounds good to me!

And More!!!
 I was just about to order some baby books when I got an email from my sister in law asking if I wanted her old baby books. Perfect timing! I love informative books and I love feeling prepared so I cannot wait to dig into these books and absorb as much information as possible!

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