11 Weeks

Baby is the Size of a Lime

Although it feels a lot bigger!

I am having a pretty hard time wearing regular pants, I've started using the BellaBand. I will probably break down pretty soon and just wear straight up maternity clothes. I know some people say that you don't have a belly until 16-20 weeks... maybe its because I am short but I feel completely full inside. I've actually been getting short of breath. Last time I checked my weight gain was still under 2 pounds and it looks like both of those pounds can be found on my belly:

Well I am going to ignore the blogs that say you shouldn't be big yet, because I've read enough people that were shorter or at a regular weight and are getting big around 12 weeks. The baby supposedly has formed all vital organs, so as long as the baby is healthy I don't care how big my stomach gets. :-)

I usually take my bump photos at the end of the day, when my belly is biggest; so for this week, I took one photo the next day, in the morning, so you can see how much it grows throughout the day:

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