10 Weeks

Baby is the Size of a Prune

This week feels like a pretty big milestone to me. Ten weeks seems like a long time and I feel like we've done a pretty good job of keeping our secret.

We have decided to wait until the traditional twelve weeks to spread the news openly. This will coincide nicely with the week right before we go on vacation to Florida. I can tell my boss right before we head out so he will have some time to let it sink in. I plan to take 4 months off and hopefully they are OK with that.

We have told a couple of people in the past two weeks:
  • My cousin and her husband, whose baby is going to be exactly one year older than our baby!
  • Our friends in Richmond while we were visiting with them last week. 

It's been pretty hard sucking in my stomach all day at work so I am really looking forward to not having to keep the secret anymore two weeks from now! My stomach has been feeling firmer and it is very uncomfortable to wear regular pants.

I decided to switch my bump photos to striped shirts so you can see the oh so subtle roundness better ;-)

I've busted out my sister's maternity clothes and picked a few things that can get me through the next couple weeks. Then I got a coupon code for 40% off at Ann Taylor LOFT and may have ordered a few cute pairs of pants and a dress and a few shirts... when your tummy is just starting to grow, full on maternity pants feel strange. But AT LOFT has these great pants with just a small elastic panel, hopefully some of those clothes will fit and I can be more comfortable in the office!

What's New
-Baby is no longer an embryo, now it is a fetus.
-Baby is over 1.5 inches long.
-Still no morning sickness, but have to get my 8-9 hours of sleep per night



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