10 Week Appointment

I had my 10 week appointment today. The day started off pretty badly with me rushing to a meeting downtown, which required me to get on a way too full Metro train. I started to get hot and feel really, really nauseous. It got so bad that I couldn't make it to my destination, I had to get off (run off) and sit down for a few minutes before I could continue. So I'm going to try to avoid crowded Metros for a while.

Then things were great at my appointment. My blood tests all came back as a "pass" and the doctor said that I was healthy. I asked if we could hear the heartbeat and although she said no to that, she offered us a peek at the baby via ultrasound! (my first one through the belly with the blue gel)

The baby jumped and kicked while on the screen, it was amazing to see.

The baby is measuring about a week ahead, at 11 and half weeks. So it's a good size!
Check out the little head, arms, and legs!!!

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