Sharing the News (Part 2)

Keeping secrets is hard. Especially when it is a HUGE secret. And you are trying to keep it from friends you see all the time, who are very suspicious of the secret you may be keeping; and who you really want to tell your secret to!

So... it happened to be that right when I was about 6 weeks, my friend Heather was going to be in town. Whenever she is town my group of girl friends always gets together and drinks wine and catches up. Problem #1- I can't drink wine. Problem #2- I'm a terrible liar. Problem #3- I have very suspicious friends. So I decided that I wouldn't be able to hide my pregnancy from them, and I realized I didn't want to.

Having big news isn't as exciting when you can't share it with the ones you love. And since Mike and I had already come to an agreement that the families would be finding out on Easter, I just HAD to tell my beloved girl friends, my bridal party, my confidants. Who could resist giving good news to these smiling faces?

So I planned on just waiting for someone to guess and then I would say "YES I am pregnant! I knew you would guess". But the Apple Cider I pulled out of my bag, the turning down of the wine and beer, the excessive running to the bathroom, my bloated stomache- nothing. No one said anything! (Libby had not yet gotten here). So she did arrive but didn't go to the kitchen yet to see my blatantly placed bottle of Apple Cider on the counter, so she did not yet have enough evidence to make a claim. Heather on the other hand is at this point dying as she saw me slip up the day before and ask for my burger well done. She totally knew.

Finally someone asks again- what's new with you Kristi? I said "I'm pregnant" very calmly. Everyone was shouting "I knew it" and "I bet my husband $20 that you were", except sweet Julia who was just starting to cry. I LOVED all their reactions. I love having friends who are so different and unique.

They were all SO supportive and have been checking on me ever since. I wish my family knew now too, but trust me- we want to tell you (those that we can) in PERSON and we have the cutest cards for you all; so it's worth the wait. Just two more days!

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