Mike and I always knew that we wanted to have kids, and we knew that we would "just know" when it was the right time. After an amazing trip to Arizona, we came back even stronger- maybe it was the Sedona vortex, or the grandness of the Grand Canyon; but we were different.

The morning after we returned from Arizona, we hopped in the mini Cooper and drove up to Philly for my friend Sarah's wedding. It was such a personalized intimate wedding, we felt lucky to be there. There were several children there and they were all adorable. After the wedding we went to a bar next to our hotel and talked... about having kids. It was the right time.

After several months of negatives, I could barely believe my eyes when I saw two lines. It's still surreal, but becoming more real every day (especially as my pants get tighter and I feel more and more nauseous). Baby will even get to attend a wedding this summer, one of my very oldest friends in the world, Ashley. Our whole "family" is looking forward to it!

Originally published: 3/25/13

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