Yesterday we sat in a small exam room and watched out baby's heartbeat on a screen for the first time. It was a completely surreal experience. Even now I can't stop thinking that there is another heart beating inside of me. Crazy!

Everything is good, I've got tons of pregnancy hormones (hCG) chugging through my blood and the baby is exactly the size it should be for my approximate due date of  NOVEMBER 15th. The hCG is making me a little nauseous in the morning and my low blood pressure gives me a little bit of light headedness if I get up too quickly, but I'm learning to live with these things.

The doctor said that I am unique and have Type A negative blood so I'll have to get a special shot later on in the pregnancy to make sure that my body doesn't reject the baby's blood.

On Sunday we will be telling our parents, grandma, siblings and niece and nephew. I'm SO ready to share the news with them already!

Here's the baby in all his/her glory!

Our next ultrasound is at 12 weeks!

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